mobili mancini atler pesaro

Via Montanelli, 34- loc. Villa Fastiggi di Pesaro – 61122 PESARO – ITALY –
Tel.+39/0721.281834 – fax +39/0721.282188 – Email:

Mancini Mobili USA
Mr. Boris Rosenbaum – 112 Prospect Avenue – Hewelett – 11557 – New York – USA

For over 40 years in the hotel furniture industry, we specialize in the design and supply of rooms made with quality craftsmanship and always attentive to customer needs. Custom made solution is our strength.
Our materials and design are able to satisfy the most modern requirements.
But all of this would be nothing without the guarantee of the name Mancini , which stands for competent and proven professionalism both at work and in the relationship with customers.

  • 40 years of experience

  • Italian Design

  • Quality of materials

  • Qualified workers

  • Design furniture

  • Design Customisation

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